SATV Interview

October 2, 2007

SATV Agri News conducted an in-depth interview with Cape Town Market CEO Rob Lowe recently on the future of the fresh produce markets. Four topics were canvassed; firstly the importance of re-establishing trust and integrity into the markets, secondly the importance of preserving the pure price mechanism based on supply and demand, thirdly the importance of the national fresh produce markets to the community as a low cost distribution centre and fourthly the importance of the ownership of the markets being representative of all the stakeholders

Cape Town Market has adopted a Customer Covenant that enshrines these important principles at the core of its service ethic

The interview was broadcast on national television on 9th October 2007.

Springbok Colours for cyclist

October 1, 2007

Altius and its subsidiary, Cape Town Market, are the main sponsors of Anton Wynand, an emerging competitive cyclist. Anton is paid a monthly retainer and is provided with equipment including a state of the art bicycle.

Anton came 42nd in the Pick n Pay Cape Argus cycle race and was recently selected to represent South Africa at international events. Anton was recently awarded his Springbok blazer.

Dr Anwah Nagia and Anton Wynand