Mandela Day at the Cape Town Market

July 22, 2013

Mandela Day at the Cape Town Market

Nelson Mandela born 18th July 1918, is celebrated world over from Norway, South America and of course, his beloved South Africa.

On Madiba’s 90th Birthday in London in 2008, it was decided to ask that everyone give up 67 minutes of their time to “play it forward” These 67 minutes represent the 67 years Mandela gave of his own life fighting for the rights of humanity, it is a call to action for individuals to take a little time to change the world, or someone elses world into a better place.

The Cape Town Market, with our deep roots in the community and produce at our fingertips came on board Mandela Day with passion!
We selected a school, Downeville Primary School in Manenberg, and started to fill our Mandela Day Market Happy Box with some delicious, healthy and yummy fruit…a toffee apple, banana and a mineola orange. There was a box of coloured pencils or paint box with a picture of Madiba, fruit and the agent logos….and to top it all off…A BAR OF CHOCOLATE!!

The suitcase style box was sponsored not only by the Cape Town Market but also very generous market agents namely, Boland, Fox & Brink, Western Province, Boeremark and Fine Bros. This made for many helping hands, loads of laughter and speedy box filling.

All this mayhem, which resulted in super organised chaos, was situated at the Food Bank, where Radio Good Hope FM were broadcasting live with Nigel Pierce. Dr Anwah Nagia was interviewed by Nigel Pierce and spoke for a number of minutes on the Cape Town Market and market Agents.

Of course the ‘Toffee apple on the top’ was presenting the Happy Box to the children the following day at Downeville Primary School. These are children who are living in what is currently one of the worst of Cape Towns gang ridden areas, and yet, what a happy and wonderful school. The Headmaster, Mr Treu and Teachers show so much love and care for their charges, all of whom came rushing forward eagerly to receive the “heavy surprise” boxes.

Forced to pose for a photograph, you could see the agony of anticipation to race around the corner and dive into the package.

“Take Action; Inspire Change; Make Every Day a Mandela Day.”

A very special 90th birthday at the Cape Town Market

July 22, 2013

A very special 90th birthday at the Cape Town Market

July 15th, in Oudsthoorn, was a very special day in 1925, this was the day Sarah Matthews was born, the middle child with a younger brother and older sister.

Mrs Matthews, has been a buyer at the Cape Town Market for over 50yrs and can remember the day the market was officially opened by the Mayoress in 1961. She has been a stalwart buyer every week and since then, arriving early in the morning, doing her purchasing, then transporting her fruit and vegetables to her stand in Pinelands, which has become an institution in most peoples eyes. If anyone goes to the licence department in Pinelands, they will without doubt have been past or even bought from Mrs Matthews in the carpark.

Yes! That is her business, she has been there as one of the first coloured people selling flowers, fruit and vegetables at that spot – and all because of a recommendation from the Mayor Bloombergs mother!

In her 90yrs, Mrs Matthews tells a wonderful story of her life.
She went to school at Holy Cross in Parow, taught by nuns and had a good education, she excelled at most of what she sent her mind to, but her athletics, in particular long and high jump were her forte.

Mrs Matthews has fond memories of teaching tap dancing at St Marks, and on Saturdays at 5 o’clock she used to tap dance at Vaudeville in Athlone, also doing gymnastics with their own troop.

In recent years, Mrs Matthews has spent a lot of time working for her favourite charity, collecting money for St Lukes Hospice. She is an avid choir singer at her church and prides herself that she never goes to bed having done any wrong to others.
“God has been good to me- I am very satisfied” she says

We at the Cape Town Market could not ask for a more joyful, happy, shining star to visit us in the morning, and wish her many many more wonderful years.