Balmoral Fruit Supply – 60th Diamond Anniversary – Since 1954

December 18, 2014


From humble beginnings, in 1954, when Mr & Mrs Vallie & Ayesha Adam first established Balmoral Fruit Supply, to their children celebrating 60 years in business on the,6th December 2014,  the one thing that is constant is their Family value system, which is evident in the close relationship that the Management/Owners, staff and their valued customers share on a daily basis.

It is this work ethic and moral code that has seen Balmoral Fruit Supply remain the respected and established institution over last 60 years, in this ever changing world of fads, products and marketing tools. They have done so by always putting their customer first.

We at Cape Town Market congratulates Balomoral Fruit Supply on their 60th Diamond Anniversary with the sincere hope of many more prosperous and successful years to come.

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Cape Town Market appoints new joint CEO’s

December 2, 2014


At the beginning of this year Rob Lowe notified the board of his intention to relinquish his position as Chief Executive Officer in 2015. The board has concluded its deliberations on the appointment of a successor and is now in a position to make a formal announcement

The board considered numerous options, including the appointment of an external candidate. However the board has opted for continuity and has elected to replace the outgoing Chief Executive Officer with those who are familiar with the traditions and ethics that have been established at the Cape Town Market over the last 10 years. It is worth reflecting on some of the milestones that have been achieved over the past decade:

  • The market has successfully transitioned from municipal entity to private ownership
  • The market is benefiting from the application of sound business practices and the investment of private capital
  • The infrastructure has been substantially improved
  • Harmony has been introduced into stakeholder relationships
  • Farmers and market agents have become shareholders in the market
  • The market has entered into a solemn covenant with its famers enshrining the principles of integrity, trust and   adherence to the commission system
  • Service level agreements have been entered into between the management and market agents and in the near future between the market agents and the farmers
  • The electronic trading platform has been upgraded with the new Freshmark Refresh system
  • The Cape Town Market brand is well known and respected in the industry

I am pleased to be able to announce that Graham Muir and Rob Newell have been appointed joint Chief Executive Officers with immediate effect. Graham will be responsible for finance and strategy and Rob will be responsible for operations

The board is confident that Graham and Rob will continue to build upon the legacy of their predecessor and wish them both every success with their new appointments

The board places on record its appreciation to Rob Lowe for his service to the Cape Town

Market and wishes him well in the future

Dr Anwah Nagia