The Cape Town Market is a commission fresh produce market regulated by statute. The commission is set at 12½% for all produce except potatoes, which attract a lower commission. Cape Town Market has many competitors, none of which are regulated. Find out more.

Customer Covenant

Our Customer

Our customers are the producers of South Africa; the producers of fresh produce; big or small.

Our Duty

Our duty is to provide a secure, transparent and business-friendly environment within which the producers and buyers feel welcome and confident.

Our Aim

Our aim is to restore the producers’ and buyers’ confidence in our market and to strive to make the market the first place of choice for the sale and purchase of fresh produce. We aim to restore confidence in the fresh produce markets of South Africa and the Cape Town Market in particular.

Our Value Proposition

  1. The market will remain commission driven
    This is the only operating model under which a proper and fair price can be established based on supply and demand. The Market Authority has a 5% dues charge and the Market Agency has a 7.5% commission rate.
  2. We will protect the mechanism by which a pure and honest price is set
    The farmer and buyer rely on fresh produce markets to establish a daily price for produce that is a fair and proper reflection of supply and demand. We will ensure that this pure price mechanism is protected from any improper manipulation or dishonesty
  3. We will maintain and provide accurate records and statistics
    We will employ competent staff and invest sufficiently in information technology to ensure that all our records and statistics are accurate and readily available to the farmer.
  4. Zero tolerance towards dishonest or improper conduct
    Any person employed on the Cape Town Market who is found to be guilty of dishonest or improper conduct will be severely penalized and, in serious cases, will be banned from the market.
  5. Integrity and transparency
    We will create an environment that is founded on integrity and transparency so that our customers are confident that their fresh produce is secure and monitored, their produce is sold at the best possible price, their samples correctly reflect quality and their money is secure and properly accounted for.
  6. Clean and secure trading environment
    We will provide an environment that is clean, hygienic and secure. We place the highest possible priority on the personal safety of all those working and doing business in the market. After years of neglect, we are in the process of upgrading the trading hall with the installation of new lighting, new fences, new security cameras and redecoration. We have appointed an estate manager who manages our cleansing and security services.
  7. We support the trend towards traceability of fresh produce
    We understand the consumers’ need for traceability of fresh produce and commit ourselves to a process whereby fresh produce sold on the Cape Town Market will be traceable.
  8. We will represent and protect the producers’ interests
    Our staff is trained to be service orientated and to be constantly vigilant to respond to the needs of the farmer and to protect his interests:
    - We undertake frequent stock checks
    - We undertake static stock checks
    - We respond immediately to any discrepancies
    - We act as umpire and honest broker if there is a dispute
  9. We will maintain an independently audited trust account and pay the market agents within 24 hours
    The Cape Town Market distinguishes itself from its competitors by maintaining an independently audited trust account and by installing financial management systems which enable us to pay the market agent promptly, usually within 24 hours of the sale of the produce.
  10. Good working relationships with all role players
    A successful fresh produce market will depend on good working relationships between all the role players; owner, farmer, market agent and buyer. Cape Town Market has established professional and cordial relationships between all parties.
  11. Buyer friendly
    The role of the buyer is important in any fresh produce market. We are committed to the provision of a buyer-friendly environment, including the provision of credit facilities, where appropriate. We have appointed a manager to represent and promote the interests of the buyers.The Cape Town Market is:
    - Service Orientated
    - Businesslike
    - Honest

Service Level Agreements

The foundation of our covenant to the producers and buyers will be the service level agreements that will be entered into between:

  • The Cape Town Market and the Producer, and
  • The Cape Town Market and the Market Agencies

Social Responsibility

The Cape Town Market is extremely conscious of the role we can play.

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What makes the Cape Town Market the best place to trade?

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