The Cape Town Market is a commission fresh produce market regulated by statute. The commission is set at 12½% for all produce except potatoes, which attract a lower commission. Cape Town Market has many competitors, none of which are regulated. Find out more.

Social Responsibility

The Cape Town Market is extremely conscious of the role we can play in supporting our local communities in a socially responsible and sustainable way.

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility endeavours, the Cape Town Market supports three dedicated but very different initiatives. They are Food on the Table, the Cape Town Market Cycling Team and the VOC Festival.

Food on the Table

The Cape Town Market initiated the ‘Food on the Table’ project in 2005. This feeding project helps provide an average of 40,000 meals per month to disadvantaged communities in and around Cape Town.

To support the ‘Food on the Table’ initiative, the Cape Town Market assists a number of community organisations, charities and NGO’s, who rely on the market as a major food source to help feed the poor, disadvantaged, destitute and marginalised.

Cape Town Market Cycling Team

The Cape Town Market Cycling Team is one of the country’s top achieving road cycling teams. Two of the cycling team’s members also have their national colours and ride for South Africa in international events.

Jointly sponsored by Noble Energy, Nuwater and Altius (the market’s major shareholder), the Cape Town Market Cycling Team were Western Province champions and Double Century winners in 2011. The cycling team fared well in the 2012 Cape Argus placing both third and tenth in overall positions

Voice of the Cape Festival

Initiated in the mid 90’s, the annual VOC Festival is the biggest cultural festival on the Cape Muslim calendar. The Cape Town Market has played host to the VOC Festival since 2006.

The three-day cultural event happens each spring and is aimed at bridging the divide between local communities and big business. Over 60,000 visitors attend the festivities held at the Cape Town Market each year, where they are entertained with exhibitions, food and fun activities.


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Customer Covenant

Our covenant to Producers and Buyers.

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