Top award for Cape Town Market supplier

September 1, 2008 1,234 Comments

Banana Distributors received the award for “Most Progressive Supplier of the Year” for fresh produce in the Western Cape from Pick ‘n Pay on Friday night at an award ceremony held in Johannesburg.

The award was presented to the owner of Banana Distributors, Mr Sulaiman (Solly) Allie, at a ceremony Monday at the Cape Town Market on 22nd September. Banana Distributors won 1st prize while competing against approximately 300 fresh produce suppliers to Pick ‘n Pay in the Western Cape.
Banana Distributors has been operating from the Cape Town Market since it opened its doors in 1961, supplying many retailers and smaller buyers in the Western Cape.

Peter Matthews (Cape Town Market), Coenette Walters (Pick ‘n Pay), Sulaiman Allie (Banana Distributors), Shafiek Rylands (Pick ‘n Pay), Ahmed Allie (Banana Distributors), Tariq Allie (Banana Distributors)

Banana Distributors has been supplying Pick ‘n Pay with bananas for the past 30 years and has built up a strong banana wholesale business.
The Cape Town Market is proud to be associated with Banana Distributors and congratulates them on this prestigious award and wishes them further success for the future.

Sulaiman Allie and Ahmed Allie (Banana Distributors)

New Operations Centre

July 7, 2008 2,086 Comments

In July construction began of the new Operations Centre adjacent to the trading floor. The Operations Centre will include accommodation for all the support services for the trading floor including IT, finance, maintenance, security, cleaning and Epping Finance. The Operations Centre will also contain a dedicated common/meeting room for the buyers and in due course a coffee shop.

Peter Matthews, Chief Trading Officer, said “The Operations Centre brings to the trading floor all personnel who provide a service to our Market Agents, Salesmen, Producers and Buyers. We will be able to improve yet further the standard of our service to these important stakeholders”.

Cape Town Market purchases new 400kva Generator

July 1, 2008 1,980 Comments

The Cape Town Market has acquired and installed a new 400kva generator. The acquisition is designed to ensure that the market is self sufficient in the event of electricity load shedding or failure. The new generator will be used primarily to supply power to the administration buildings, the main trading hall and the IT infrastructure which enables sales to continue uninterrupted.

In conjunction with the new generator the existing 800kva generator will be relocated to the cold and ripening rooms. This will supply power to the 14 cold rooms and 58 banana ripening rooms, which is the largest banana ripening complex in the Western Cape. This will give confidence to the number of cold room users which include producers, market agents and buyers, as we are now able to maintain the cold chain during electrical load shedding and/or power failure.

The 400kva generator has already been commissioned and working well, while the 800kva generator at the cold rooms will be commissioned later this year.
Commenting on the new generator CEO of Cape Town Market Rob Lowe said “Companies in South Africa need to ensure that they are able to continue with business as usual despite the shortfall of electricity in the country. While it is a big investment we need to ensure that we remain competitive in our industry and provide our customers with the service they come to expect from the Cape Town Market.”

The new 400kva generator

Annual General Meeting

May 26, 2008 705 Comments

The Annual General Meeting of Cape Fresh International Fresh Produce Trading (Pty) Limited (CFI), the owner of the Cape Town Market was held on Monday 26th May 2008 at the Cape Town Market.

All shareholders attended the meeting which was preceded by a meeting of the Board of Directors. The CEO of CFI, Rob Lowe, reported on a very satisfactory 2007/2008 financial year. Highlights for the year included an 18% increase in revenue and a 27% increase in profit. During the year the Customer Covenant was unveiled and signed by all stakeholders.

The Covenant is a significant step towards reintroducing integrity at the Cape Town Market and is also evidence of the good relations that now exist between the owners of the market, the market agents and the producers.

The long awaited refurbishment of the trading floor also began. New fences have been installed and the electrical and IT networks have also been upgraded. The refurbishment will be completed during the 2008/2009 financial year. The financial statements for the year ended 29th February 2008 were adopted and approved.

Refurbishment of Trading Hall

December 2, 2007 1,942 Comments

The trading hall was built in 1961 and was officially opened on the 21st of August 1961. Since then not a lot of money has been invested into the infrastructure. This lack of investment is now being rectified with a R12 million refurbishment program. The refurbishment commenced in September 2007 and will include:

  • The construction of new dividing fences
  • The installation of new lighting
  • The installation of new security cameras
  • The installation of new electricity cables and new IT cables
  • The painting of the interior of the trading hall

It is anticipated that the refurbishment will be completed by May 2008.

The new market hall fences feature durable concrete bases

The new fences are in the process of being installed and already there is a marked difference in the appearance of the trading hall. The fences have been constructed on-site.

The refurbishment has been welcomed by all stakeholders

The new market hall fences concrete bases were manufactured onsite.
n addition to the bases, the metal fences were also assembled onsite

The Kramer Petersen Songbook Rehearsals at Cape Town Market

December 1, 2007 59 Comments

Taliep Petersen and David Kramer worked together for twenty years (1986 – 2006), writing songs and creating musicals that have been performed across the globe in cities like Kuala Lumpur, London, Vienna, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Edinburgh, New York and Las Vegas.

The Kramer and Petersen Songbook is now on at the Baxter Theatre, Cape Town.

To honour their friendship and the legacy of Taliep’s music, David and Renaye Kramer are staging The Kramer Petersen Songbook over the Christmas/New Year season. This evening of song and dance will be a celebration of their creative partnership, featuring highlights and popular songs written by the musical duo during their long association, which established a body of work that reflects Cape Town’s past and present.

Cape Town Market was proud to host the rehearsals for the Kramer and Petersen Songbook.

The Kramer and Petersen Songbook is now on at the Baxter Theatre, Cape Town

Cape Town Market launches its Customer Covenant

November 28, 2007 2 Comments

On Wednesday 28th November the Cape Town Market Customer Covenant was unveiled at a ceremony attended by Producers, Market Agents, Salesmen and Buyers.

Dr. Anwah Nagia speaking at the launch

Approximately 200 people were welcomed to the launch by the Chairman of Cape Town Market, Dr Anwah Nagia, and heard the market’s Director of Business Development, John Holmes, introduce the covenant and explain its importance to the future development of the market. The Covenant contains the core principles by which the market will be managed for the benefits of the Producers and the Buyers and establishes the market as a service orientated business.


John Holmes (left), director of trading at Cape Town Market, Dr. Anwah Nagia (centre), Chairman of the board and Philé van Zyl from ZZ2

Click here to view the Customer Covenant.

District Six Homecoming Festival

November 27, 2007

The District Six Homecoming festival will be held at Cape Town Market from 27 November – 1 December 2007. For more information please visit the Voice of the Cape website:

SATV Interview

October 2, 2007 1,844 Comments

SATV Agri News conducted an in-depth interview with Cape Town Market CEO Rob Lowe recently on the future of the fresh produce markets. Four topics were canvassed; firstly the importance of re-establishing trust and integrity into the markets, secondly the importance of preserving the pure price mechanism based on supply and demand, thirdly the importance of the national fresh produce markets to the community as a low cost distribution centre and fourthly the importance of the ownership of the markets being representative of all the stakeholders

Cape Town Market has adopted a Customer Covenant that enshrines these important principles at the core of its service ethic

The interview was broadcast on national television on 9th October 2007.

Springbok Colours for cyclist

October 1, 2007 2,147 Comments

Altius and its subsidiary, Cape Town Market, are the main sponsors of Anton Wynand, an emerging competitive cyclist. Anton is paid a monthly retainer and is provided with equipment including a state of the art bicycle.

Anton came 42nd in the Pick n Pay Cape Argus cycle race and was recently selected to represent South Africa at international events. Anton was recently awarded his Springbok blazer.

Dr Anwah Nagia and Anton Wynand