The Cape Town Market is a commission fresh produce market regulated by statute. The commission is set at 12½% for all produce except potatoes, which attract a lower commission. Cape Town Market has many competitors, none of which are regulated. Find out more.

I'm a Supplier

The Cape Town Market plays host to a large selection of quality fresh produce supplied by a large variety of growers from across the country, Southern Africa.

The farmer is our principal client. Our Customer Covenant attests to our loyalty and the ethics we strive to uphold. No matter how big or small a supplier of fresh produce, it is our duty to provide a secure environment in which you feel welcome and confident, and where you can get a fair and honest price for your fresh produce.

The Cape Town Market is commission driven, which has proved to be the most lucrative model for our producers. The Market Authority has a dues rate of 5% and the Market Agents charge 7.5% commission.

Produce prices are determined by supply and demand. A valuable by-product of the Cape Town Market trading system is that it provides a mechanism for price determination.

How do I become a supplier?

To become a supplier to the Cape Town Market, you need to appoint an agent to represent you. Further information can be found in the sidebar on the right-hand side.

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