Rhoda’s Market Agency scoops up the Inaugural APAC Recognition and Acknowledgement Award 2012 in the category: Small Market Agency.

The Annual PMA Conference held at the University of Pretoria on the 22nd of August 2012, in Tshwane, hosted the fresh produce industry regulatory body’s, APAC, first award recognition ceremony.

Agricultural Produce Agents Council (APAC) has played as important role in agriculture since 1993 when it was instituted by law to regulate the occupations of fresh produce and livestock agents, as from 2003.

This has been done by formulating policy, applying the rules, monitoring and enforcing a code of conduct.

Mr Uthmaan Rhoda (RMA) was the proud recipient of the award, which included a certificate and cash prize by APAC, as well as a laptop sponsored by Freshmark Systems of East London.

Although Mr Rhoda has an extensive history of fresh produce trading, Rhoda’s Market Agency has operated in the precincts of Cape Town market since 2003.

In a recent Interview with Mr Rhoda, we asked what this award means to him and the industry on the whole.

“The award comes at a time when one questions one’s place in the industry, and when a PDI agencies’ breakeven is at a knife edge, as one has the infrastructure to double in volume of produce turnover. So I see this award as a key to unlock opportunities that present itself within the industry, and the challenge is now at my door to realize the potential that the Agency has.  It is refreshing to see that if one stands by ones principles and beliefs, you can reap the fruits of ones labour, and therefore I thank APAC” Mr Rhoda said.

The essential criteria for winning the award:-

•           Integrity

•           Innovativeness

•           Leadership

•           Evidence of acting in the best interest for their producer

•           Customer service excellence

•           Continuity and added value

•           Compliance to Act 12 of 1992

Mr Rhoda had persevered, although many doors had shut in his face, in his quest to convince producers and service providers to give him the opportunity to prove that RMA is a real Market Agency that will live up to their expectations.

In his thanks, Mr Rhoda highlighted that the City of Cape Town initiated the PDI program, and now Cape Town Market, has taken the baton and continued their support of these Agencies.