The Cape Town Market is a commission fresh produce market regulated by statute. The commission is set at 12½% for all produce except potatoes, which attract a lower commission. Cape Town Market has many competitors, none of which are regulated. Find out more.

Buyers Card Information

How do I become a buyer?

To buy on the Cape Town Market’s trading floor, you need to complete a Buyer’s Application form. This can be downloaded here. Alternatively it can be completed at the Buyers Card Office, located in the Information Centre on the market trading floor.

Positive identification is required when applying for a Buyers Card for the Cape Town Market, e.g. ID Book, Driver’s License, Passport, Asylum Seeker’s document etc.

Once the application is completed, you will be registered on the Cape Town Market trading system and issued with a Buyers Card which contains the details and a photo of the buyer. The card remains the property of the Cape Town Market. It is not transferable and all transactions made or refunds given are for the bearer of the card only.

Your Buyers Card is used by the sales agents to record your purchases on the trading system. For more information about making your purchase, please go to Market Information.

Protected Cash or Pre-Paid

What are my payment options?

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Market Information

Where do I go to buy and what do I do?

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