The Cape Town Market is a commission fresh produce market regulated by statute. The commission is set at 12½% for all produce except potatoes, which attract a lower commission. Cape Town Market has many competitors, none of which are regulated. Find out more.

Market Information

Where do I buy produce at the Cape Town Market?

The Cape Town Market’s main trading area is on the Trading Floor, where our experienced market agents are on hand to assist. You can purchase on the Trading Floor using a protected cash or prepaid Buyers Card.

The ‘People’s Market’ is also situated in the market’s precincts. Traders buy in bulk on the trading floor and then bulk break produce for re-sale in smaller quantities at the People’s Market. All transactions here are paid in cash.

How do I buy produce at the Cape Town Market?

Protected cash
Before you start procuring produce, you must proceed to one of five cash payment facilities, strategically located on the trading floor, where you will deposit monies on your protected cash card.

This method of payment requires you to set up an account facility for EFT transactions which are paid in advance of your purchase.

With your Buyers Card, you can negotiate with any of the sales staff on the trading floor regarding the price and quantity of the products you are interested in. The market agents will process the transaction on your pre-loaded Buyers Card, which is recorded on the Cape Town Market’s trading system. You will be issued with a “Removal Docket or Dockets” and receipt, which allows you to remove your produce immediately from the sales floor.

Protected Cash buyers may return to the cashers for a cash refund for any balance left in their account or may leave the balance on their account for future purchases( please refer to 9.9-9.16 in terms and conditions).

There is an independent porter service on hand to assist in collecting your produce from the sales floor and delivering it to your vehicle if required. Porter’s fees should be negotiated in advance.

We have an Information Centre and Buyers Card Centre located on the trading floor for your convenience. Our team of market agents on the floor are also on hand to assist if you have any queries or experience any difficulties.

Buyers Card Information

How do I become a buyer?

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Protected Cash or Pre-Paid

What are my payment options?

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